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Blinds add a touch of warmth, beauty and decor to any room!
by: Mike Yeager
Like fine furniture, window blinds add a special touch of warmth and rich, natural beauty to any room. They set the mood, and give you extra privacy. The right style of blinds adds character to the inside of your room. The window treatment industry has truly evolved over the years. Today it is so easy to find colors and blind types to match your window treatment needs. Choose from a variety of styles that include mini-blinds, vertical blinds, pleated blinds, cellular blinds, Bali blinds, wood blinds, Roman shades, shutters, sheer woven blinds, and woven wood blinds. And if you are naÔve enough to ask for American blinds and do not mean the branded version, you risk infringing the trademark rights of the American Blind and Wallpaper Factory!

You canít turn a blind eye to window blinds.

The choices for your window blinds abound, thanks to new product innovations and a realm of color choices that allow you to match other furnishings in your room with the greatest of ease. Vertical blinds, often used for patio doors, actually are suitable for many window types because of their sleek, fashionable looks and their easy traversing ability. Horizontal blinds - particularly mini-blinds - have been around for decades. They come in hundreds of colors and are versatile enough to stand on their own or to be combined with fabric treatments. A drapery treatment combined with a coordinating mini-blind can offer you the ultimate in beauty as well as privacy and light control.

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Mike Yeager

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